The 'Lowers'

The 'Lowers' are two green-clay tennis courts.
Court I (Casino Side)
Court II (Roadside)

The Lowers are primarily used by Senior Members and are reservable, or available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Clay courts are considered "slow" because the balls bounce relatively high and lose much of their initial speed when contacting the surface, making it more difficult for a player to deliver an unreturnable shot. Points are usually longer as there are fewer winners. Movement on the loose surface is very different from movement on any other surface; playing on clay often involves the ability to slide into the ball during the stroke. Clay courts are unique in that the ball bounce leaves an impression in the ground, which can help determine whether a shot was in or out.

The 'Uppers'

The 'Uppers' are two hard tennis courts. 
Court III (Right Court)
Court IV (Left Court)

The Uppers are primarily used for the Junior Sports Program's Tennis Lessons. When Lessons are not in session they are available for reservation or on a first-come, first-serve basis for both tennis and/or pickleball (Court IV only).

Hard courts are made of uniform rigid material, often covered with an acrylic surface layer to offer greater consistency of bounce than other outdoor surfaces. Hard courts can vary in speed, though they are faster than clay but not as fast as grass courts. The quantity of sand added to the paint can greatly affect the rate at which the ball slows down.


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