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Become a CCIA Member.

The Christmas Cove Improvement Association connects its members in a welcoming, multi-generational community of family and friends through social, educational, and recreational activities on and off the water.

Our Application Process:

Applicant(s) fills out our online application completely

 Applicant's sponsors fill out endorsement forms (and share Association Bylaws and Rules & Regulations with applicant)

 Upon receiving a full & complete application, it will be reviewed by the Membership Committee  

NOTE: Applicants should be aware that they will need to select the member type they will be applying for:
Junior:  defined as members aged 23 through 35
Senior: defined as members aged 36+


Rules for Applicants:

Any person, other than a legacy applicant, who wishes to become a member of the Association must be sponsored by two voting members in good standing who have separate memberships, and who are not related to each other or to the applicant. *

No applicant may use CCIA facilities and no children of applicants may participate in the Junior Program except as a Registered Guest until written approval of the application is received from the Chair of the Membership Committee.

* In the special case of a child or grandchild of a voting member who is 27 years of age or older, the sponsors may be related to each other and to the applicant but must have separate memberships.


Please feel free to reach out to our Chair of the Membership Committee via email at:


Secondary address